The Hatch

With technology becoming so complex and overriding ethical boundaries and our ever-expanding push into space, we have to develop our senses to their fullest potential. We have to evolve faster.

The Hatch is scheduled for release on 5 December 2019.

Follow Britta Tate on her journey which begins with a search for her missing brother. As she picks up his trail beyond Earth on another planet, she will be compelled to continue his failed mission and make it her own.

Like her brother, she has been trained at EASA, and has advanced senses that provide her with unique skills and insights. She will push herself to her limit to find out what happened to him, connect with useful allies and help save her home planet.

Previously, my books have been historically-based.

Yet even though I’ve shifted my setting into the future, where a Hatch can allow for deep space travel, many things remain the same. The new migrant is still vulnerable and at risk of exploitation and environmental change still calls for people to change and adapt.

For Britta, she will have to embrace change in all its forms and turn her back on the doubters to keep believing in the one constant, her own sense of what’s possible.

To Pre-Order, visit publisher, Odyssey Books.

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