The Hatch… science fiction. Just out.


The Hatch will be launched once the virus has waned. The event will feature an art show, live music and author-signed copies of The Hatch. All welcome to attend. Stay tuned for new date.

Copies of The Hatch now available at Little Bird Bookshop, Paddington, Brisbane, or oder online through Amazon Books or Book Depository.

About The Hatch:  Britta Tate is searching for her brother who has gone missing in space. As she picks up his trail on another planet, she will be compelled to travel there and continue his failed mission.

Like her brother, she has been trained at EASA, and has advanced senses that provide her with unique skills and insights. She will push herself to her limit to find out what happened to him, connect with useful allies and help save her home planet of Earth.

For Britta, she will have to embrace change in all its forms and turn her back on the doubters to keep believing in the one constant, her own sense of what’s coming.

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