The Hatch… sequel out 2022.

About The Hatch:  Science fiction genre.

Britta Tate is taken from her family at age 13 to be trained as a psychic intern. This is in a future world where people are residing across planets – making abilities such as telepathy and a well developed sixth sense highly desirable.

Both Britta’s mother and brother also had these abilities and were trained in the same way, but they were deployed on missions in space and never returned. As Britta trains, she tries to use her advanced senses to find out what happened to them. Her quest will take her down the same path and soon she’ll encounter political corruption, planned migrant exploitation and war.

To help save those she loves and her home planet of Earth, she will have to team up with her brother’s friend, Cal, connect with useful allies and defy the doubters to keep believing in the one constant, her own sense of what’s coming.

The Hatch is now available through online retailers including Amazon Books or Book Depository or can be ordered in by request at bookshops and libraries. Keep an eye out for the launch of The Fifth Hatch due out 2022.

Two published novels… a series inspired by a true story

Over two spellbinding novels, follow the saga of the Soforo family as they flee their Italian city, Fiume, at the end of World War II and struggle to put their lives back together.

Published by Odyssey Books

In Port of No Return, the family loses everything when their house is bombed by the Allies and their city is taken by neighbouring Yugoslavia. They are left with no choice but to leave their home town. To get out safely, Ettore and Contessa must separate

In Wanderers No More,  follow Martino, the youngest of the sons, who must overcome a devastating setback, if he is to realise an almost impossible dream. A war-time debt is owing, love is lost and re-found and the past comes back to haunt them all.

Don’t miss this series that explores post-war struggles and 1950s’ Australian migrant history in a way that is warm and uplifting – and at times, tragic.



The writing journey

I was six years old when I knew writing books was what I wanted to do.

My first published novel, Port of No Return, was inspired by my father’s family who were forced to flee Fiume, Italy, at the end of World War II.

It was a fascinating, little-known part of history, and I wanted to capture it, to record it for all those Italians who also experienced this mass exodus from Italy’s north-east after their region was taken by the Yugoslav Army, under Tito.

The publishing offer from Odyssey Books, came on my father’s birthday.

About 70 people attended the official launch of Port of No Return, held on 10 February, 2016, at the Museo Italiano in Melbourne, Australia.

The sequel, Wanderers No More, continues to follow the family’s journey, beginning with their arrival in Australia in 1950. While there’s some fiction between the lines, it closely aligns with my father’s and his family’s experiences of Australian life in the 1950s through to the 1970s. Sadly, it ends with a true family tragedy, which also needed to be told and remembered.

My father and I have spoken on Italian radio about the novels, I’ve been a guest of QUT’s Author Showcase and both works have found their way into libraries across Australia and overseas.

The historical fiction novels aim to shed a light on the difficulties associated with migration brought on by wars that destroy homes. But mostly they’re about hope and inspiration, showing that with resettlement, dreams can still come true.

These same themes inspired my next work, The Hatch, a science fiction novel that includes paranormal activities such as astral travel, psychic abilities and telepathy; not to mention alien beings of higher intelligence. In such a futuristic setting, the migrant experience is even more dire, as people look to other planets to survive.

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