About the books

The Hatch

The Hatch is a futuristic novel released 31 December 2019.

At age 12, Britta Tate is conscripted into a psychic internship at the Earth Aeronautics and Space Administration (EASA). She is uneasy.

When she was six years old, her mother was assigned to an EASA-led space mission, and never came back. Years later, EASA posted her older brother to a distant planet. He mysteriously disappeared.

As an intern, she trains hard to develop psychic abilities powerful enough to find her brother.

It is the age of The Hatch; a technology used to tear the fabric of space time for a millisecond, just long enough for a spaceship travelling almost at the speed of light to pass through and wink out somewhere within the known universe.

In such an age, her brother could be thousands of light years away.

After ten years of training, Britta finally has a vision of her brother. It is what she has been longing for. Desperate to find him, she turns to her brother’s friend, Cal, for help.

But the timing couldn’t be worse. Her brother isn’t the only one in need of her foresight.

Every human on Earth will need her to see their future, for they may not have one.

Weight 400g, 270 pages, Dimensions 216 x 140mm


Two book series – historical fiction

Port of No Return is the first novel in a series of two. 

Contessa and Ettore Saforo awake to a normal day in war-stricken, occupied Italy. By the end of the day, their house is in ruins and they must seek shelter and protection wherever they can. But the turbulent politics of 1944 refuses to let them be.

As Tito and his Yugoslav Army threaten their German-held town of Fiume, Ettore finds himself running for his life, knowing that neither side is forgiving of those who have assisted the enemy. His wife and children must also flee the meagre life their town can offer, searching for a better life as displaced persons.

Ettore and Contessa’s battle to find each other, and the struggle of their family and friends to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of a devastating war, provide a rich and varied account of Italian migration to Australia after World War II.

What can you do when you have nowhere left to call home? Port of No Return considers this question and more in a novel that is full of action, pain and laughter — a journey you will want to see through to the very end.

Weight 277g, 244 pages, Dimensions 216 x 140mm


Wanderers No More is the sequel in the series – though it can be read as a standalone novel!

The war may be over, but the fight to belong is just beginning.

Left homeless, starving, and almost killed by the Second World War, the Saforo family are refugees fleeing Italy for a better life. The shores of Australia are calling to them and they head off, packing dreams of jobs, a home and… soccer.

But from the moment they get off the boat, adapting to the Australian way of life is harder than it seems. Their family doesn’t speak right, eat right or even look right. As they struggle to build a simple life against the backdrop of 1950s’ racism, they start to wonder if they will be outsiders forever.

A true family affair, Wanderers No More will make you laugh, remind you of your family, and warm your heart.

Weight 381g, 290 pages, 216 x 140mm

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