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 four star Polly Halicki

World-changing events in World War II Italy form the basis of this sensitively-written novel. Even when the war ends, northern Italy is threatened by Tito and the Yugoslavs wanting the territory, which forces Ettore and Contessa to consider leaving their beloved country… her attention to detail is acute and historically accurate. Historical fiction at its best, and I would recommend this book.

five stars Mirella

The author did a wonderful job of describing the effects of the war, along with the history of how that area of Italy was affected. This novel is definitely worth reading, especially for those whose roots are deeply embedded in Italy, like me! Recommended!

four star Ron Camp

This story takes place in Italy during the end of WWII. You follow 3 families thru a journey to reclaim their lives. They have lost everything including family members. The story holds your interest and keeps you turning page to find out how each family member will do and what the outcome will be for them. This is a book worth reading…

five stars  Italo Italophiles review

The author tries to lighten the war scenes with the humanity of the family members and their friends, which is indeed touching. There is a strong sentimentality in the book, a touching sweetness that the omniscient narrator spreads across several of the characters. Toward the end of the book, many of those characters are the children who have grown up too quickly in their dire circumstances.

The author has carefully researched her subject, and focused as much as possible on the human level of war.

The author touches on frequent complaints against refugees and emigrants, certainly hoping to make their road smoother in future. That is an honorable message to send, a reminder to the residents of many countries asked to accept refugees that they are likely descended from refugees and emigrants.

four star Manchester Military History Society

Powerful story of little known ethnic cleansing of Italians at the end of World War 2… The story starts under the German occupation of Istria following the Italian surrender in 1943 and mainly follows the experiences of two families. Saftich has done her research well and the period detail is immaculate. She also makes you care about the characters and their extended families.