Port of No Return – a novel

What makes people migrate? Why leave everything you know and love behind, including your language, friends, heritage, neighbourhoods…?

Port of No Return follows an Italian family and their friends who become refugees when they lose their Italian town to Yugoslavia at the end of World War II.

This little known conflict came at a time when peace was finally starting to spread throughout Europe. But for the people of Fiume, in Italy’s north-east, their struggles were about to escalate.

Inspired by true experiences and historical events, some of them quite confronting, Port of No Return is a touching story of family, love, struggle, separation and hope… this novel represents a timely walk in the shoes of refugees and yesterday’s migrants.

five stars  “Historical fiction at its best” (Goodreads’ reviewer, Aug 2015).

four star “. . . a feel of historical accuracy mixed with immersive storytelling to create a subtly addictive story.” (Goodreads’ reviewer, Sep 2015).

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